2015-07-03 03:31:38 by MoonCoon

Hey person! So I went to Pico Day this year and had a great time. Met a lot of great artists and got a scope of what the community is actually like in person. Everyone was super cool! I'm still animating even though my last post was ages ago... trust me it's only been that long because I've been putting my all into this new one I'm doing.

Also college.

I plan to have my cartoon out by sometime next month, and it'll be just about 5 minutes in length. After that, I might do another Mega64animated but most likely I'm gonna do a SleepyCabin animated. Drawing the same people for over a year gets old, ya know? We'll see what happens.

That's it for now, later!


Future Animation Plans

2014-03-11 17:42:06 by MoonCoon

I've started work on a Wisenheimers animation and I'm really enjoying it! It should be out by the end of next week. After that I'm going to make another Game Grumps animated. I might just go back and forth between Wisenheimers and Game Grumps for a while. WHO KNOWS?!

Thanks for being lovely.4444320_139457412521_l9IC63A.jpg